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They know what they are doing, trying for 1.3 million in prize money while working with funds from airbus. It carries 2 gallons equivalent worth of gasoline in batteries that cost more than perhaps you and I combined will ever make. And it is competing in another x-prize style contest with electrical bias via pMPGe now? 2011 GFC FAQ

You tell me Neil, from an engineering perspective how does it make sense to make airplanes heavy with low energy to weight ratios?

Also, wtf does this mean? This has to be the most pointless contest I have ever heard of. You can enter, get 200mpg and they can say "sorry"?
Q #23: How will CAFE measure fuel or energy use? Will it be strictly by weighing?

A: CAFE reserves the right to use methods other than weighing to measure fuel or energy consumption, depending upon the aircraft design. (rules, p. 24, 38)

So, if they like electric, they will use really wonky numbers for pMPGe (wtf is that too?) This isn't about efficiency with rules like that.

One of the documents on the site (which is now not directly inaccessable) by a mr Gremban, indicated that he thought it would be won by a glider like diesel fwiw:

If you want to do it for recreation, fine, or have a runway in your back yard and an outlet, and lots of mula for a battery, great. You will have to keep the range short to not have a serious performance penalty of course. But everything else being equal, it is worth shlepping a couple gallons of biodiesel around IMHO, for the foreseeable future.

And if this is about mostly inefficient recreational use, for the bourgeois, then why should the rest of us care?

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