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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Nuclear power has lots of problems: who pays for decommissioning?
Who'll pay for the decomissioning of all those worn-out solar plants & wind turbines?

Nuclear power plants have leaking radioactive water, the risk of catastrophic failure, mining uranium is hardly safe...
Leaking radioactive water harms no one. Catastrophic failure? Well, we had an example of that not too long ago: how many people died from it? And mining & refining the aluminium, silicon, copper, concrete, rare earth metals, and all the other stuff that goes into solar & wind is just as dangerous per ton as mining uranium, and you need to mine a lot more tons.

..and we have yet to come up with an answer for the long term storage of spent fuel -- plutonium remains dangerously radioactive for about 100,000 YEARS and it is also extremely poisonous...
You reprocess it instead of storing it. If it's "dangerously radioactive", that means that there's still energy to be extracted. As for being poisonous, so are many other things in common use.

...and of course terrorists would love to get hold of some...
(Sigh) Read the news, why don't you? Pakistan's got nuclear weapons, so does North Korea (which is ready to sell to anyone with the money), Iran would probably have them by now if it wasn't for Stuxnet.
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