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Are wind turbines or solar PV panels radioactive? I'm sure they can be recycled.

Do you live near Vermont Yankee? Leaking radioactive water gets into the ground water -- who drinks that?

The damage from Japan's nuclear accident is ongoing and will be for a long, long time.

They use fuel rods for between 3 and 6 years. Then they have to cool them in ponds for at least 10 years. Then they have to build enormous and very heavy dry casks, that have to last a very long time. Will they need to then be transferred into new dry casks in a few thousand years? I dunno, but we're going to find out...

Sure, no energy source is perfect. But which ones have the worst results, and which ones are solvable? The piper is still to be paid for our carbon appetite.

Plutonium is the most poisonous material other than maybe botulism. A single tablespoon in the water supply could kill everybody in a very large city. Mmmm, sounds like something we should voluntarily make more and more of, don't you think? Have fun keeping it safe for the next 100K years.

Talk to us after someone blows up a so-called dirty bomb.

Nuclear power is a dumb way to boil water. Can you think of a better way to boil water?
Sincerely, Neil
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