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Got a little bit of a mystery. I purchased a range of 1W resistors and set about replacing each of the 3r3 gate resistors from the last experiments with a 15r for each igbt as per convention. Also replaced 0r33 emitter resistors with 1r. Powered up and it rang like a bell at switch on and off. Really bad. upped to 22r. still rang , 10r same or worse.

Went back to 3r3 on each gate and 15r on the input to the gate drive board. No more ringing. Slight bit on turn on. I suspect if I went back to 0r33 on the emitters that this will go away. I'll do this tomorrow and report back.

Any ideas?
Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the ammeter goes into the red and reads 2000 Amps, that's bad.
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