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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post
You may need to adjust your Cutoff setting on the Scangauge. Using LOOP to verify when DFCO is happening can help fine-tune it. You want closed loop under normal driving. For DFCO it should show Open Loop. No fuel, so no need to monitor the exhaust mix.
I would bet this is the issue. You should be able to feel when the injectors shut off(I can feel it very well on my girlfriends Focus). It's hard to explain the feeling exactly, but it feels similar to turning off the OD on an Automatic while coasting(borrow a friends car that has an auto, take it to an area that has little traffic and try it out) but not as obvious. If you don't feel that little bump, you may not be in DFCO even though your SGII thinks you are, which will skew your SG's readout.

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