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I'm not qualified to comment on your car's electronic makeup, but couldn't just the sudden drama of that much of an elevation change being sustained w/o any throttle just temporarily weird out the computer as far as the temperature gauge situation?

I lived in that area for 11 years, and for part of that; went up and down that exact mt. daily on my driving job as a courier.

Depending on the time of day and weather; if you are rolling downhill from a cooler, less humid CLIMATE, and suddenly you are entering the opposite climate, could that be enough to offset what we would consider normal plunging temperature gauge readings?
(especially this time of year)

General question to all: Are modern current new cars all the same; or are there still some built in adjustibility still left for cars sold in specific areas.? With old cars w carbs; there were jetting differences between say a Daytona Beach car, and one in Denver.

As far as uphill mountain climbing goes, if safe; I've always gotten better mpgs., if I'm tracking at the speed of a heavily loaded 18-wheeler! We all go up with our flashers on (only when needed myself...acute mirror driving) and for me, my rpms. are as relaxed as if I'm driving around my neighborhood at home!
On a steep mountain, 30-32 mph. in 4th ('87 CRX) seems to work gravy for me.

I realize that not everyone has the patience to go that slow, or maybe feels unsafe w that.
Different areas have varying degrees of traffic volume, and more or less lanes available.

I love the west, and intentionally travel toward non-touristy areas, and pick as quiet an Interstate (or any other kind of road) as I can.

I've been up and down the grades of I-80 across Wyo. many, many times.

I couldn't help but notice your "handle!" Does that mean you are, or were a student at WCU?

Happy travels!
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