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Whats up from Kansas

The name is Brad from Wichita Kansas, and i stumbled across this site by chance googling ways to make my truck more efficient. Look forward to getting to know some of you all and learning a thing or two.

I own a 1988 s10 that is bagged, and I recently swapped over to a 350 v8 (I know wrong forum for this truck ) but I am actually trying to make it more fuel efficient than the 2.8 v6 that came out of it.. that thing was a turd.

I also have a 96 ranger that is my daily driver that I am more interested in modding for mileage. It has the 2.3L 4 banger with a 5 speed. I already get 25mpg and look forward to increasing that.

I have dabbled in the past with the hydrogen or HHO setups, and had some success, but nothing really too impressive. With the old v6 in the s10 i was only able to improve the mileage from 17ish to just under 20 mixed.

Well sorry about the novel, but thats me in a nutshell!

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