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Originally Posted by larrybuck View Post
I couldn't help but notice your "handle!" Does that mean you are, or were a student at WCU?
Yes it does! Met my wife there too. Also, I didn't think of the weather conditions changing that much. I looked on the maps and it looks like that grade goes from 2800' at the peak to 1400' at the base. That is quite a difference. For the record, I calculate the grade to be an average of 5.3%.

Originally Posted by Joenavy85 View Post
You should be able to feel when the injectors shut off(I can feel it very well on my girlfriends Focus).
I can usually feel when it does, at least I think it does.

Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post
Are you sure your Neon has DFCO? My wife's 2006 Elantra doesn't.
Good question, I assumed it did since I "think" I can feel them cut off, how would I check for sure?

Also, going home yesterday I checked the LOOP on a couple of the short hills I descend on my daily commute. When I "feel" the car go into DFCO the readout will go to 9999MPG and LOOP goes from "closed" to "open". So I am assuming that the scangauge is detecting it.

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