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T vago and Chas,
Like I told Frank above, I was very concerned that I pulled the shape in too tight, but didnít realize it until I was so far into it I decided to try it as is. The top flow seems to be excellent according to the tales, the sides are OK and the bottom is crap. Since itís already built and since it will be a major job to reshape it, Iím going to finish the belly pan and fair the duallies and see if that improves the bottom flow, then do some more testing and see what it yields.
If the maiden voyage results turn out to be fairly accurate (too early to tell at this point) and the other improvements add significantly to those numbers, I may leave it alone and defer to the Ďif it works donít fix ití axiom, but weíll see.
T vago your bed fairing is excellent, nice workmanship on the curves and angles. Have you considered a hitch mounted boat tail for the rest of the rear end? Easy in, easy out. I'm going to build one for my Tundra as soon as I have time. You know, in my spare time. Ha.
Thanks for the input on the A/C fairing, Chas, Iím not sure what to do with that yet, I may just might take it off since we use it so seldom.
Does anyone know the best way to get, build or buy something that will calculate mpg from an OBD I vehicle like my 95 RV?
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