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Originally Posted by wyatt View Post
I don't know if the MPGuino will work with a diesel (it never used to), but I know there was talk of it once... you may want to ping DCB with a PM to see what he knows.

As to your comment about $5 for every time someone asked what it was paying for materials... you would be way in the clear if you include all the people in their cars asking the same thing!

I am with others. If there happens to be a v2.0 you should stick with a 15 degree maximum slope. On the other hand, it is awfully hard to argue with the improvement you saw...
Thanks for the info, I'll see if I can find DCB. Yes, we had some serious rubber necking going on the first road test, it was pretty funny. If I do the shape over I'll back off the slope a bit, it looks too steep to me also.
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