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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I don't know if a 1970 VW Westfalia Campmobile qualifies as an RV,but the 18-inch boat tail,with Breer/Fachsenfeld/Kamm-chop that I put on it in 1980 was good for almost 4 mpg by itself.
The radiused tail of the VW allowed more lead in curvature,so in essence,the virtual boat tail was more like 2-feet in length.
The tail curved into a maximum 20-degree angle,top and sides.No bottom.
With spare tire cover( on nose),full bellypan,rear wheel skirts,and tail,the van was capable of as high as 35 mpg @ 55 mph,up from 27 mpg.
I didn't mean it's never been done before, I've just never seen one on an RV, except in PhotoShop. An 18" boat tail seems really short, but it was a short vehicle, goes to show how much they make a difference I guess.

Doing a belly pan on this RV is going to be a pain but I kind of have to finish it. If I put a full pan on it, should I also make a front air damn?
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