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Funny I found this particular thread on brake drag. I recently replaced the calipers on my van because they were dragging so bad. It had set for a long time & hadn't had the proper maintenance. After the change they worked as new. It's my only 4 wheeled vehicle. Since using small displacement motorcycles & mopeds, for the last 10 years, I rarely use it. But here's what I'm actually getting at: brake systems are the most under maintained systems on a vehicle, on average. The changing/flushing of fluid is something that rarely, if ever, gets done. On top of that the calipers are rarely cleaned, which is important for the reason this thread was started in the first place. Unfortunately it's a lot of work on a car, opposed to a bike. What needs to be done is to disassemble the caliper, take out the pucks n seals n dust covers. Clean them spotless, including the groove the seal rests in. Sometimes it requires a pointed scraping tool to get into the groove. I have a bunch of stainless steel dental tools which work quite good for that. While you're at it, inspect the puck & rubbers for any damage & obviously replace if worn. Especially the seals. When reassembling, apply brake fluid to all the parts so they slip together easily. You will be amazed at how much better they work. It's very noticeable on motorcycles, too. Hope this helps.
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