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Grrr :-)
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actually I had thought along those lines frank. ie put some nice captains chairs in the metro but it would require raising the roof 6 inches. while this in itself would not be all that difficult the core problem is now my HEAD would be in this raised section and no longer have line of sight out the windshield. this would mean I would also have to raise the WINDSHIELD up 6 inches. that there is well beyond both my financial and fabricating skills.

I was hoping if this cheap hybrid got 70+ mpg in a little car maybe it would get me my 40-45 in a larger car.

alas dcb I don't DO city driving. I do something in-between ie highway as far as stops but inbetween as far as speed.

I only have 7 stops on my 54 mile commute (more than 7 actually but I average getting stopped at 7 of them) with a max speed of 50mph (the speed limit) on all roads except a 4.5 mile stretch at the end that is 55mph for some strange reason (hey NJ is strange)

I also don't have a caravan I have a voyager (modern caravan ie not a k car anymore IIRC) not sure if that makes any difference. its not the old boxy caravans.

I don't expect everyone to do the work for me. I expect to WAIT till someone needs to do close enough work for themselves to give me a solid direction to go in.

I don't have a choice financially. if I had $4-5k to spend I would have a 50mpg voyager inside a month. Just buy a VW TDI and doa transplant. instant (figure of speech) 50mpg minivan. proven already done already (others) alas I don't have $4-5k lying around :-) I don't even have a grand lying around (though I could save up on a solid lead)

I don't expect it to compete with my Geo (that would require a 40mpg boost) but I would be willing to suck up the higher gas cost of 40-45mpg if it meant more comfort and utility (though I get an awful lot of utility out of my geo trailer and all :-)
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