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Grrr :-)
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well two problems with that frank. I am a tall critter. 6'4"

my head is already TOUCHING the metro roof (I have permanently "molded" the vinyl headliner into a bowl shape the size of my head roughly :-) ie my head pushed up ito the headliner. I have to be careful not to put my seat back too far because on a bump my head would hit the cross beam in the roof if my seat is back too far.

fully half the comfort of a captains chair style seat is the HEIGHT of the seat off the car floor.

if I remove that height I eliminate half the seats comfort (actually mroe like 80% of the comfort for me)

my primary complaints about the metro are 20% back support (it sucks) and 80% leg ergonomics. IE I am too FLAT sitting in the metro. VERY VERY uncomfortable for long drives and I am going to discover just how uncomfortable as I have an 11 hour drive at the end of this week :-(

its why I love my 92 Clubwagon so much. I get to sit 90/90. ie like sitting at a chair at your kitchen table. your knees are at 90' bend and your back is at 90' bend which is the most comfortable position for me.

as I flatten out my legs in a lower car my legs start to turn "sideways" to accommodate the new position since I have to slide back to keep my knees out of the dash. gravity and mass make a mess of my knees comfort wise.

the minivan is not quite that comfortable but its "close" :-)

one of the single most uncomfortable cars I have ever driven in is my pops Lincoln town car. you might think but its a huge car? yes it is but the seats are VERY LOW so by the time I get where I am going my knee's are KILLING me.

The metro oddly enough is not so bad on my knees since I can wrest my knees on the door and the center console and they are flat so they don't "dig" into my skin. (I am actually warping my center dash section from this but thats ok :-)

I was actually thinking about banging out my roof to "dome" it just a bit so my head does not have to touch the ceiling. even half an inch of space would make things more comfy.

Someone at GMF posted that Suzuki Esteem seats are almost a direct fit !! so I am on the prowl for a set of those. WAY more comfortable looking than mine. and hopefully stronger as my fat as is BENDING the back of my seat little by little (I have two spares on hand just in case I break one :-) hehe

a slightly taller roof should also let me "sit up" straighter which would go a long way comfort wise.
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