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Originally Posted by thatguitarguy View Post
Putting this in the perspective of fuel savings, if you drove 100,000 miles in your rig at 15.97 MPG over 13.1 you'd save about 1372 gallons of fuel.

Some of us are really pleased with ourselves - me included - when we can take our 50 MPG and bump it up to 60 MPG. but over 100,000 miles, that's only saving 333 gallons of fuel.

Most people don't use motorhomes as daily drivers, but if you travel a lot, your aerodynamic improvements will net you HUGE savings!!!
I don't drive it much now but it's good knowing it's efficient for it's size. I still have to finish the A/C unit, skin the undercarriage (that's going to be serious fun) and do some mods to the front so I'm hoping there's better numbers ahead. Time will tell.

I was surprised the Dryden tests didn't show better numbers for rounding off the front, so I went after the tail first. I found another chart on a truck products company's web site, which I can't find at the moment, that shows rounding a brick shape object in the front reduces Cd by 50%, which I think is the way the average Joe thinks, including me until I tried the boat tail.

Anyway, I'm going to try several things up front, there's serious room for improvement there also.
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