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Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post
I see that much variation all the time, due, I think, to differences in tank fill levels. I try to fill at low speed until the automatic shut-off kicks in, and repeat three times. Even then, I can occasionally add an extra 0.5 - 1.0 gallon after the first click.
Yep, I agree with that. But that should show up in the next fill. If I overfilled this tank (resulting in an abnormally low MPG), then the next should show as an abnormally high MPG fill. That did not happen last trip to Asheville (7-6 fill). However, I did do that that on the 6-1 fill, so I averaged it with the 6-12 fills to eliminate these as abnormally high and low fills from my statistics. I also fill at the same gas station every time (with a few exceptions that i have noted in my fuel logs) to help minimize this issue.

Not saying that isn't the problem, but it is strange that it has happened on those two trips. That being said, since 4-3-2011 I am fairly consistent with my MPG. The one notable exception on 5-15 was due to a lot of city driving (~40%)
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