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Project 100 (custom enclosed Honda C90 targets 100 mph vmax and 100 km/L FE)

Project Overview

The principle project objective is to create a vehicle that has a maximum speed in excess of 100mph, can achieve 100mpg+ at its cruising speed of 70mph, from an engine displacement of 100cc.

So here is a concept sketch for the project. On the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words, it should make it easier for anyone to understand what I am aiming for.

EDIT – Provide an Index
The thread has become so large that it takes serious commitment to read in full. So for the casual reader I have compiled an index

See some youtube video of the semi-finished vehicle.
Airfield shakedown

Slow speed stability tests

Postings about targets
Plans for gearing
Frontal area calcs for drag

Postings about build process (with images)
Carburettor mounting
Steering design

Contributions by notable experts
Craig Vetter – scepticism about C90 power

Kraig Schultz – helpful advice

Paul Blezard – opinion about goals and discussion with Cedric Lynch

Insightful comments by forum members (there are many and I will note and credit as many as possible in due course)
Frank Lee – opinion on aero design

I have done enough research to believe that these targets are possible, although they will be difficult to achieve. I will hamper myself further by choosing to run exposed wheels, which is a personal choice, as I don’t like the “dustbin” fairing style. I think it is important to ensure that the vehicle remains “cool” if it’s ever to be widely accepted.

Many years ago I was inspired by Amory Lovins’ Hypercar principle, then quickly realised that one of the biggest drawbacks would be congestion, which is already a major source of waste. Since then I have worked on “single person vehicles” as a part of the solution. I have already produced a full size prototype vehicle with single track and fully enclosed bodywork, which I will call an “internal motorcycle”. This initial vehicle is a pure “proof-of-concept” prototype and has no chance of being acceptable for road-testing on the public highway. Therefore I intend to use “Project 100” as a spin-off, which allows me to complete lots of road testing, without worry about registration and the fear of arrest, much as Craig Vetter does.

I have chosen to start with a Honda C90 “cub” as a donor vehicle, due to its high production numbers, horizontal engine design and low capacity. I will fabricate a new frame that allows recumbent seating and cover it with my prototype bodywork.

I would very much welcome all comments and opinions (positive and negative) as I document the project. This forum contains many wise voices and I am a firm believer in “the wisdom of the crowd”, and how that can provide a better outcome.

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