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For me it is about trying new stratagies and reprogramming myself to use the techniques here to their best advantage. I do know that once I started dropping my coast-to speed and using a lower gear(say 3rd instead of 5th for 40-25 mph P&G) my mileage bumped up a good bit. Also, if there is no traffic behind you, it's AMAZING how far you go at 25mph. I'm still learning as well and what I've come up with is; know your car, know your route, and know yourself. If your car likes accelerating at 70% load more than 80%, use it. Find your routes best oppertunities for differant techniques. No two corners/hills/flats are exactly the same. And last, know how good/bad of a driver you are and what you can get out of your machine. Kill switches are wonderful, and I agree, coasting is the closest thing you can get to being a kid again.


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