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DIY OBDII to ScanGaugeII cable

I was tired of switching my SGII cable between cars now and then, especially since it's routed behind the console in the Elantra. So, I had a male ODBII connector (J1962) lying around from a dead vag-com ebay cable (VW specific diagnostic tool) and decided to make a 2nd SGII cable for cheap.

Here's the mapping between a standard CAT5 network cable and the J1962 connector

Brown - Pin 16
White/brown - Pin 15
White/orange - Pin 14
White/blue - Pin 10
Orange - Pin 7
Green - Pin 6
White/green - Pin 4 and 5
Blue - Pin 2

Facing the connector with the wide side up, pin 1 is in the upper right corner.

You could even make a SGII cable for next to nothing. If you don't have the male connector at hand you could use a junkyard female connector, extend some flattened pins made out of solid conductor power wire and tape it with the other male connector in your car.

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