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Got your pm but cant sent you one back because of having less then 10 postings. My girlfriend lives in Almere so i know where that is ;-) you can reach me on paul at rensel dot nl, might be interested in the D&D.

I looked at and contacted Kostov and they seems to have a nice K9 144v motor. They also have batteries for a good price.

So i received the P&S kit this wednesday and thursday evening decided to put everything together. After a peek at Paul's instruction video and some hours of soldering the job was done. After hooking up the unit to a 12v battery both green en yellow LED went solid on. (oh BTW you seemed to have switched your LED's somewhere early in your instruction video because my D4 is green en D5 is yellow and it appears on your video D4 is yellow and D5 is green...). You also forgot to drill the hole for RT1 in the cooling bar and the small screw to fix U1, not a big problem.

I hooked up the pc and launched RTD Explorer and everything seems to be working. After giving the command restart it says "Cougar OS controller firmware 1.11b" and after command config some settings and values are presented.

So I assume everything is working from the controlboard ?
Are there any other tests I can do ?
Can i just hookup a 12V motor and 12 battery and control it with a 5k potmeter ?



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