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Originally Posted by cleanspeed1 View Post
Nope. Usually gets sent to the Unicorn Corral for feeding and a brushing.

With diesel, it's already been proven that a mild propane or cng system gets the mileage way up. The MSD/Superchips electronic unit got an unladen Cummins Dodge to 44 mpg.

During the Diesel Power Shootout, one guy got his Duramax to near ( or was it over ) 50 mpg with a homemade CNG system. The guy that won ( Dmitri Milliard ) pulsed his nitrous system to 36 mpg ( 1200hp twin turbo Dmax ).

Go over to the Diesel Power site and do a search, it's in there.
Yep I hear that. I expermented with propane injection back in 2007. I was able to get over 30mpg (diesel only) easy with propane injection.
I did lots of reading on this. When running propane or CNG it seems like when you account for all the BTUs in the diesel and the BTUs per mile you get from the "gas" you get 3% to 5% more fuel economy that you cant account for.
Since the diesel is a heat engine BTUs per mile seems to be the only natural way to measure effectiveness when you have more than one fuel induction system on any on road heat engine.
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