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@Piwoslaw: I do not use special driving techniques and I do not pulse and glide. All I try to do is avoid braking and, on longer downhill slopes, I disengage the clutch and let the bike coast downhill, if the slope is steep enough to keep the speed.
Unfortunately there are no LRR tires for motorcycles (at least not that I know of) so Im running the stock tires. On top of that, these are not tubeless tires but have inner tubes. This kind of tires has an even higher rolling resistance than a tubeless version would allow. So all I can do is increase the tire pressure. I run them with 3bar pressure and am quite satisfied with it.
I have no instrumentation but the stock instruments (odometer, speed, gear, remaining fuel). I did install an oil temperature gauge but removed it after these test were finished - it was quite bulky.

I guess it should also be possible to convert a regular motorbike with handclutch to a recumbent motorbike. I think it would be O.K. if certain functions are not available, if you have the feet on the ground. I mean that would be the same as on regular motorcycles - feet on the ground means no control of the rear brake and the gearshifting. However, all functions would need to be operable when the feet are in the riding position up front below the fairing.
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