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[QUOTE=3-Wheeler;251710]Your tail is one of the more impressive projects that I've seen on EM, so very nice work.

" Well to be honest, I would not cover coroplast with epoxy and glass cloth because I'm really not sure about the adhesion qualities between the two. I know Coroplast is a plastic product, but if it is anything close to the Polypropylene line of plastics, hardly anything sticks to it. If Coroplast is closer to the Nylon line of plastics, then you may have a better chance of things working long-term."

First of all Iím not sure how you do the multiple quotes within the same text so bear with me please. The suggestion was to use the coroplast as a base for making a mold, not being a permanent part of the structure. I'm not real keen on that anyway. As far as using foam and glass to build the whole structure I'll have to give that some thought.

The next thing I need to do is finish the belly pan and find out how accurate my first results were. If the results are as good as first indicated Iím not sure if I should change the shape of the tail or not, why mess with success? How positive are you that following Ďthe templateí would improve the results and would you hazard a guess as to how much? I would drop the bottom ramp area for sure, that area is not flowing well at all. Everything Iíve read indicates that the bottom will not flow properly unless the belly pan is complete but the angle on the bottom is way too steep regardless.

That is a pretty large area, if I did rebuild it from foam and glass I would still build either a steel substructure or brace the heck out of it. That would make it possible to put a factory grade finish on it, but unlike yourself, Iím not sure I have the time and patience to put in the man hours to achieve that, the actual surface area is about the size of a small car.

All of this brings up the quandary all ecomodders and builders face. How do I accomplish what I want to do in the most efficient way possible? I was serious about sending photos to Honda, and come to think of it, all the car manufacturers, and show them the numbers of people responding to your build, and maybe they will consider the fact that the public is finally ready for some serious aerodynamics on their vehicles. I think and hope thatís a true statement. Anyway, thanks for you input, it is greatly appreciated!
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