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We have so much natural gas it's ridiculous.

No, we don't. What's usable and what isn't are in contention, and subject to misinterpretation. There's NG that we'll not ever be able to afford as the EROI is so out of whack with reality.

Propane is the better addition to a diesel for several reasons (with the way things are). One, it can be found all over the US. Second, it's a cheaper conversion. Third, it can be used for quite a few appliances for heating and cooking that a truck provides a portable fuel source for (and NG is not easily usable in the same way).

Propane -- again, in a truck -- may provide some additional range for the more valuable store of diesel, and, IMO, it's more important to think of the work value of goods transportation for ones family. A margin enhancer.
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