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that will give more down force there for i will need a body kit a huge street fighter type with a fake intercooler up front. then i can put a 2 1/2 inch exhaust all the way out the back and cut out the converter and put a import muffler on it. replace that small wimpy factory spoiler with a tri wing that is at least as tall as the top of the car. then if i load the back end down with at least 4 12" subwoofers it will ride level again. then i will need to order all the go faster stickers i can find on the web. then i go to the graphics shop and have those cool tear graphics made for the length of the car. with all the mods i think i can run a 11 second quarter mile and still get 60 miles per gallon. then i will have to get a tattoo that says i live my life a quarter mile at a time. anything i missed? oh darn forgot about the neon? my car needs to be visible from the space station thats what the generator and extra batteries are for. sorry forgot to mention that in the original post. thanks for reminding me.
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