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Ah, just the mod i was searching for. Got the controller running on the pulling tractor. Gearing was way off, so it hung at 500 motor amps the whole way down the track. Real low motor volts. Going to change final drive from 5.13:1 to 10.16:1.
Also to pump up the current a bit, sounds like I need to:
A) turn up the harware overcurrent pot
B) change the source code - compile with something - download with the bootloader
Or is there another easier mod by 'altering the current sensor' as you say?


Originally Posted by harlequin2 View Post
A 1000A controller is actually better around town!
It gives more acceleration because of more torque, but the top speed is the same. Remember, amps = torque = acceleration while volts = rpm = speed.
A 144V battery will give the same top speed with either a 500A or a 1000A controller, but the 1000A controller will get there much faster.
I have screwed my 500A controller up to do 625A by altering the current sensor and it has been doing that just fine for a couple of thousand kms now. The acceleration is 0 - 50 mph in a bit over 10 seconds while it took 12 seconds when limited to 500A (actually 512A). I used to have a 1000A controller (LogiSystems) and that did the job in about 8 1/2 seconds until it blew up. I have a set of boards from Paul for his 1000A controller, but haven't gotten around to building it yet.
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