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Originally Posted by cleanspeed1 View Post
I just ordered the plans for the Mother Earth Hybrid today. Should be here in the next 7-10 days.

I gotta admit I am excited!
I think we all are, I am hoping you get the expected results from your paticular car choice and don't end up with a dud combination, a good source of diesel gensets like I said earlier is govliquidation, especially if you live in Hawaii (because no one bids there)

I am mainly curious what year and platform car was converted to see what weight, I am also interested in seeing what genset brand/type was used.

As for the $25 SCR I am wondering if it was a fixed output pull from some other purpose. AKA you would only get a couple speeds.

I think the reason for the motor generator (aircraft starter) was for regen, not sure how well they compare to a modern motor eff wise though. I guess DC motor efficiency has been understood well for at least 70 years, not sure if they cared as much back then but I was reading a 1950's article stating that AC motor efficiency can no longer be ignored because of rising costs, maybe they did?

Good Luck
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