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the fuel really can't get to the engine without getting warmed in a diesel or a gas. With gas engines warm fuel is actually a problem because it recirculated back to the tank causing higher vapor pressures in the tank. gasoline can slowly escape from the tank unless everything is perfect, thereby actually decreasing your fuel mileage before it ever gets to your fuel meter. this is not as much a problem for the diesel which can sit in an open bucket for month. with gasoline there is fuel lost before it ever gets to your car also. i would hate to think how much gasoline is lost before it gets to the engine.

there is web site in England i think where a gentleman does test all these types of ideas and product gimmicks. I did ask him specificly about this very question and he assured me it would not help for gas engines and went through all reasons why. you should be able to find a thread on this site about it. now if your an ice road trucker obviously your out there. out there.

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