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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Fine, but then you've still added 2 or 3 gallons of oil to the fuel tank.
The oil is also burned as a fuel, so it should be taken into account.

If you added 2 gallons of oil, and later filled up with 20 gallons of fuel for say 200 miles, you didn't get 10 mpg.

You then used 22 gallons of fuels (oil + gas) for 200 miles - or 9.1 mpg.

Let me say again. It not going affect errors mileage. I am going make 1 more clear words.

I put 2-3 gal of used oil in tank then 2 miles drive to gas station, refill to FULL then reset mile trip then drive to do errands and work. Then go back to gas station and refill with straight diesel.

I saw 2-3 mpg more on HWY at same speed. When I go back to straight diesel I saw 2-3 mpg loss. It was run little cooler. Oil make run hotter more power.

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