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chip truck - '93 ford F250HD DUALLY CONVERSION XLT
90 day: 12.89 mpg (US)

log truck - '93 Ford F-450/F-Superduty XLT
90 day: 9.17 mpg (US)
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10 tanks now since the aero mod of smoothing out the stake body.
before: 14.53 @ 53 tanks.(i guess i did the mod during tank 54)
with the last aero modded 10 tanks averaging 14.23
currently @ 14.43 @ 64 tanks.

this is a success.even though the FE number is less,it's actually not.
things are a little more hard to follow with a work truck.let me explain.
if you look over the tanks since this mod,you'll see a couple things;
i used the A/C a lot.i had the chipper with me a lot as well.
both of these things are big hitters along with lots of heavy loads.
all these things were really bunched in on these particular 10 tanks.
so though the FE number was lower,there's no doubt to me that it would have been lower by a much larger margin had i not smoothed out the sides.

for all these big hitters all crammed into these last 10 tanks,yet only dropping the overall average just .1 MPG meanwhile,and only .3 during a heavy work spell w/chipper and a/c going!
also note;
when i have the A/C going,the dual e-fans are both full speed.

thanks guys!
though it may not look impressive in the numbers.i know my truck,and know it is.

still working on some ideas in my head for this one;

Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
The top tube is also deflecting air down into the gap between the cab and the box. Try to prevent that - with small deflectors on the cab.
Same applies if you add something similar to the sides.

Close the gap aft of the tube

You'd still be pushing air as much in the gap aft of the cab as what you're pushing aside.
a bonus here will be less noise in the cab coming from that rear window too.i hear a lot of wind rushing down in there.

I drive so slow and easy,Id put granny to sleep.

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