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Congratulations on your new car. As a hypermiling enthusiast, it's impossible you won't like it a lot. If I can ever be of any help, owning the Lupo 3L's sibling, i.e. the Audi A2 3L, feel free to drop me a line. Both cars' drivetrains are as good as identical, as you may know.

As a matter of fact, I've just driven our A2 all the way to our holiday resort in southern France and back, over 2500 km / 1500 miles in all, most of which (slowly) on the highway, but also several tens of kilometers on fairly steep hills, and sacrificing fuel economy in some nasty traffic jams as well. With wife, kids (2 toddlers) and luggage, so in all weighing in an extra 200 kg / 400 lbs, I still managed a decent 2.6 l/100 km (90 MPG). Hypermiled carefully though, a Lupo or A2 3L will still do well better than 2.4 l/100 km / 100 MPG, as both my fuel logs and fellow-owners' at will tell. But from my experiences, that's about the best you can realistically do, or for that matter, will ever see any bog-standard non-hybrid car capable of. Moreover, bear in mind these cars were designed over a decade ago.

As a side remark, most A2 and Lupo 3Ls came without power steering whatsoever. So are you quite sure yours is broken? Who needs power steering in a car weighing less than a ton anyway, right?

Btw, your Lupo's weight you mentioned in its specs is prolly in kg and not in lbs. 830 kg = 1830 lbs.

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