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Originally Posted by ecogypsy View Post
Look at the efficiency mods and hypermiling techniques

What are those? Never heard of them.
Have a look here :

65+ Vehicle modifications for better fuel economy -


100+ Hypermiling / ecodriving tips & tactics for better mpg -

The main things :

- pump up your tires

- start driving slower (6mph makes a fair difference)

- look far further ahead and adjust your speed to whatever situation you see developing (you'll recover the lost time from going slower)

- start coasting down to places where you'll have to slow down anyway (you'll have to look even further ahead)

- track your fuel mileage if you don't already

- easy mods are a grill block (the upper grills gets blocked most often) and an air dam.

- ditch all unnecessary stuff lingering in your car (for me that includes the spare and jack )

- look at what other with the same car have done.

Pick up some of the tips, and when they've become habits, re-read the lists and add more tricks to your driving.
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