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Old Civic lover, just bought ! owner civic CX hatchback barn find.

Got lucky and found a "94" CX hatchback that basically sat in a barn and used sparingly for the last 15 years......(Pics to come)

My girlfriend thinks I'm nuts because Im so excited about my $900 car. I still want a VX but i really got lucky with this car, Its been babied/documented and was owned by a woman. She sold it to her brother and I bought it from him...They PA inspected the car every year but drove it a few hundred miles over the last several years from what I can see...It has 117k on it now and although it had the typical rust belt rust/rot in the wheel wells, its a very fresh car.....when I bought it 3 weeks ago, I put it on a lift then pulled the plastic out of the hatchback and repaired the wheel wells/quarters. Cleaned buffed and waxed inside and outside then installed new plugs, cap, rotor, fuel filter, front brakes and rotors, belts, Rotella synthetic oil and 4 Kumho TOURING A/S 795 165/70 R13 tires. I also had to install an antenna (the car has an AM/FM cassette deck but never an antenna lol) and fix one of the tabs on the rear window defogger.... The interior is near mint and after 500 miles the oil is still pretty clean...I got 39.5MPG on my first tank of 93 octane. the car runs new and the A/C blows ice cubes...I live in PA and Im taking it to Florida next week so Im excited to see what my MPG will be....

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