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my wife has made that trip once before we were married said it was horrible the smell and the other unruly occupants of the bus. she is from ukraine and if she said it was bad i would consider it untolerable. the other costs are minor compared to the fuel costs the car we take is a 2005 hyundai accent i bought and rebuilt after a serious frontal collision. depreciation . cars only worth something to me tires are 45-55 dollars and are looking at 40k miles , i work at a dealer i get shell oil for free ( bulk) and filters are abundant. i geuss i shouldnt complain. i get 45 mpg in the car on that trip my wife drives back while i sleep or play with my phone, we average maybe 32 on the way back. we will be moving when the market is good enough to make any money on our house. then i wont have to worry about it. i to wish there was a good mass transit system like in ukraine that would be awesome but it will never happen in the us.
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