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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
First, New York City is not typical of America. I've seen those flags around here, though they're not common.
Well, NY is much more typical of America than a European country.

Second, I would not call this observation anti-American.
Originally Posted by Piwoslaw

"I first observed this noisy way of wasting fuel in the US, but it appears to have caught on in the rest of the world. Like many other wasteful things the US exports."
The statement is blaming America and as such the comment is anti-American.

To me it seems more anti-rest of the world.
Part of the effects of widespread prosperity and liberality is that it gives people the opportunity and freedom to spend (read: waste) their money on frivolous things. I too think it is inane - but what is the alternative? Blame? Prohibition?

I've noticed this myself, in my travels. When other countries adopt American things, it is almost always the worst America has to offer: McDonalds, popular "music", etc.
See? That too is your judgment that what America produces is bad: McDonalds is not inherently bad. Sure, some pop music is trash, but most people enjoy it, and some of it is well crafted so it isn't all trash. McDonalds does provide employment, and if they were to vanish tomorrow, so would those jobs. Ask the people who are employed there if McDonalds is the worst thing in America - I'm sure some don't mind working there. And ask their patrons. If they hated it (as you do) McD's would be out of business.

Who are you to tell people what to sell and what to eat? Besides, an occasional hamburger never hurt anyone.

OK - so you are free to be anti-hamburger and anti-American...

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