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In re trucks ... I heartily agree. I bought my Mazduh new after searching for the pickup with best mileage figures. While currently those are quoted at 21/25, back then they were given as 24/28, which in my hands has proven pretty much spot-on.
The current crop of new-model pickups doesn't have any analog to the base-base Ranger/B-truck of yesteryear. I am amazed and a bit peeved that small diesels haven't made it in this country, with the VW TDIs being the great exceptions.
My former sister-in-law (I'm no longer married) owns a VW New Beetle gasser, and while it is entirely subjective, a reflection of my tastes, I don't much like the car in execution or operation (It makes weird noises and has cost a lot in repairs). My parents had a used Rabbit Diesel ~15 years ago ... and that car was a truly frightful paintshaker. Uphill in top gear ... fuhgeddaboudit! (I grew up in the Mid-Lannic region.) I haven't looked hard at the current Golf/Jetta diesels, and maybe I should. It would give me an excuse to putz around smelling up the back 40 converting dead fast food grease to GastroDiesel. Would you like fries with that!! (grin)
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