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Hello all ,I've just joined the forum and am extremely happy to have found this thread !

My current ride a BMW R80 and it is unfortunately uneconomical ,which is a pity because it is otherwise an excellent bike .I don't think trying to make it economical is practical so have decided on another course .

Some people have been converting Indian Enfields to diesel usually using 10 hp Chinese aircooled engines .These bikes are slow , with a top speed of around 50mph unfaired but get remarkable fuel consumption figures ,1.5 to 2.2 litres per 100 km being normal .(156 to 107mpg US ).

However back in the 50s at the time of dustbin fairing in racing the Enfield factory decided to build a moderate fairing for roadbike users .The result was the Dreamliner .

I have other photos should anyone be interested .

It weighed 45 pound , added approximately 8mph to the bike's top speed ( which incidentally was a 13hp 350cc model )and reduced fuel consumption by 25% .

This fairing looks as if it would be a good basis for development .
I've derived it's drag coefficient at .85 which is a great improvement on the standard bike's 1.2 .
With a diesel engine and it's possible 40% efficiency versus 25% for petrol,some quite good fuel consumptions are theoretically possible .

1.44 litres per 100 km or 163 mpg at 50 mph .
.95 l /100km or 247mpg US at 40mph .
Maybe !

Can anyone suggest improvements to the fairing ?

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