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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
I disagree. In my experience at least, the more rural parts of many European countries are a lot more like America than New York City. (Which is not like anywhere else that I know of.)
The NY metro area is very similar to the entire Northeast corridor from Boston to Wash. DC. I suppose that large region is not representative of America, either?

And I believe we were discussing McDonalds, not hamburgers, which if done right can be quite tasty. (You should try my teriyaki mushroom cheeseburger sometime.) The problem is that McDonalds (and similar fast food chains) simply do not do food right.
So don't eat there. But I think your dislike of McD's is more than just being about their food. You expressed disdain for the widespread popularity of McD's - not only in America, but worldwide. As such, you are opposed to what McD's represents: the spread and acceptance of American culture, globally.

Then there's the whole cultural thing. Why bother to go anywhere, when it's just like the place you left?
France and other foreign countries will never be "just like" America, so that is nonsense. But there is a reason why McD's was vandalized there. McD's has long been a target of the anti-globalist Left. Since it represents American culture, that is reason enough for you to hate it.
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