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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Nope. Look at a map sometime, and notice what a small fraction of the country that northeast corridor actually is.
It is one of the most populated areas of the country, unlike the sparsely populated area where YOU live. You will need more than just a map to understand that.

Then spend a little time in areas of that corridor outside the NYC metro area - and not that far out, either, say north of Tarrytown* through most of Connecticut into eastern Massachusetts - and you'll see that it's not much like NYC at all.
I have spent the past 35 years traveling several times a year to stay with my in-laws who lived on a farm in Massachusetts. But you assume I've never seen a rural area before. How disgustingly condescending of you.

(I spent some time at IBM's Watson Lab, just north of Tarrytown, a few years ago when they were first developing the BlueGene. It's an interesting place, on a hill about 30 miles from Manhattan. From the entry you have a panoramic view to the north & west, and you can't even see another building.)
Wow, I'm so impressed. Maybe you deserve a medal. But what does this have to do with the topic of flags on cars? Nothing. Despite your preeminence, I still don't see any in this part of the country at all. It's probably just a passing fad.

Why not go back and read what I actually wrote?
OK, you asked for it. Here it is, verbatim: "When other countries adopt American things, it is almost always the worst America has to offer: McDonalds, popular "music", etc."

You cited it as being one of the worst things about America.

Do you really think we can't read or that we have no recollection of what you wrote? (Of course you do. It's your denial, combined with condescension again.)

Oh, merde! First, I'm not in any way, shape, or form a leftist.
Merde, alors. You have the same hatred for it as the anti-globalist Left does.

Second, I don't hate McDonalds, I regard it with contempt.
Oh, pardonnez-moi! "Contempt" is so much more enlightened and sophisticated than ordinary "hatred"!

Third, my dislike of McDonalds and similar enterprises, like that of many people, has nothing to do with Americanization, globalization, or politics, and everything to do with the love of good food. (The left may jump on the issue and use it, as they do with others, but we can't help that.)
Your "dislike" of enterprise in general is the same as the Left, your pronounced "contempt" is also in step with that same sentiment shared by the Left, and your epitomizing McD's as being the worst of America is also of that same stripe. Yet you are deep in denial, using the rationalization that the sole issue is their food. Who do you think you are kidding?

(The left may jump on the issue and use it, as they do with others, but we can't help that.)
And it is all too obvious that their goal is the same as yours, and you don't want "to help that", for the end result being the same suits you just fine.

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