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Help, What car for E.V. Conversion?

Hi everybody,
I'm looking for a car that would make a good candidate for an E.V. conversion. So far I've looked on eBay and Craigslist. I've found some old Honda CRX's which seem to have fairly low weight and drag. (on the wiki it had one of the lowest drag areas Vehicle Coefficient of Drag List - EcoModder)

I've also looked at some old sports cars. I thought that they might be aerodynamic enough to make a good E.V. but I'm not sure. I've found a 1978 Chevy Monza, and a 1980 Pontiac Sunbird which both seem to have a kammback type shape. My worry is that the roof slopes down too quickly, and there may just be turbulence all along it. Does anybody here know what the drag coefficients are for these vehicles?

I was also thinking of possibly using a diesel generator as a range extender. I could use biodiesel or normal diesel if need be. That would allow me to take the vehicle as far as I want. I was thinking if I make the generator's output a few kilowatts higher than the energy needed to maintain 60mph, the excess energy could go into the batteries to help on hills and things.

I also think that some aeromods are necessary to help reduce the energy required to run the car. I was thinking of a belly pan, rear wheel skirts, and smooth hubcaps, but I'm not sure what else to do. Could you guys help me out with ideas?


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