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Thanks for all your replies,

Daox, thank you, but I need help with some of the finer details, as well as some other areas which I am not very familiar with. I've learned a lot from research and calculations, but I have never actually built an E.V. so there are bound to be tricks of the trade I don't know.

Ryland, I'm hoping to find one with the engine and transmission shot or gone, but with the brakes, body, etc still good. I wouldn't want to take a good thing and mess it up. Plus it should be cheaper to get one that has the engine broken or missing. Do you know how the CRX is balanced, because I was thinking that if I keep track of what weight I take from where, and replace it with batteries, motors, generators, etc that the vehicle could end up the same weight distribution and it wouldn't affect the suspension. Would it be ok if the vehicle ended up lighter as long as the balance was the same? Or should it end up pretty much the same weight? I'm going to do some research myself on the weight distribution, as well as the weight of parts I would like to remove.

Patrick, thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to keep a lookout for Volkswagen Rabbit with a broken or missing engine. On the sports car idea, the ones I was looking at are quite a bit under 1k, and look like they'd be fairly aerodynamic, at least at low Reynolds numbers. My problem with them is that I don't know how aerodynamic they'd be at 60-70mph. I would really like to have an old sports car as an E.V. because it would be really cool, but it has to be practical too. I tried searching the internet, but the only figures I got were 0.5 for the coefficient of drag on both of them, which seems very unlikely.
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