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Thanks diesel_john,

Another question: the wiring diagram of my 2.2 litre 4 cyl. Sonoma shows that the 4 fuel injectors are wired such that #1 and #4 are in parallel with each other and that #2 and #3 are in parallel with each other.

This seems very odd. This would cause each injector to deliver fuel two times during one cycle. If it delivered fuel during the intake stroke of its cylinder it would also deliver fuel during the power stroke of its cylinder since pistons #1 and #4 go up and down together but #1 is on intake while #4 is on power stroke.

Is my Chilton's manual showing a misprint or is this the way multiport injection is done?

One thing that makes me think 'misprint' is that this same wiring diagram page (2.2L 4 Cyl. engine) shows 6 spark plugs, which is obviously an error.
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