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Thanks Daox, I'll check that out.

Frank Lee, I'm thinking of getting about 40mi of city range in the vehicle. I was able to use the "Aerodynamic & rolling resistance, power & MPG calculator" found here Aerodynamic & rolling resistance, power & MPG calculator - to estimate how many kwh I need for the range. I found that with the CRX it doesn't take much energy to go 45mph compared to other vehicles. I think I'm going to try to wire my own Li-ion battery pack.(i know it'll probably take a few thousand cells and it'll be difficult but that will get me the pack i want) If I build the pack/packs myself, I can make them lay flat. I was thinking I could mount them on the underside of the car, placed correctly to get the balance how I want, so that the front to back weight distribution stays the same as stock, but I may possibly lower the center of gravity. I'd then put a belly pan over them to protect them. I was thinking of using a diesel generator as a range extender because I could use biodiesel or normal diesel if need be. The all electric range would cover my normal city driving, and the range extender would allow me to go as far as I want in it. I was thinking the generator could go where the engine normally goes, to try to keep the weight distribution similar, the weight down, and allow lots of airflow through. All the generators I was looking at are air cooled, so I think it would be advantageous to place it in a high airflow area. I also used the calculator to find out the amount of energy needed to maintain 60mph in a stock CRX. I was thinking that if I make the generator a few kilowatts more powerful the extra energy could go into the battery pack, and drawn out if winds pick up, or you have to go on hills, or just need to go faster. I then calculated the amount of gallons per hour to find out kWh per gallon, and in turn miles per gallon. It looks pretty promising so far, but has to be tested to find out for sure. I think the Honda CRX, or an old 70's-80's sports car would work well for me because if they take less energy to run, I don't need as many batteries, and in turn not as much weight is put onto the frame. I will have to research the weight of all the particular parts of the car to find out how much weight is taken from where, and how to replace it to keep the weight distribution the same. There isn't as much information available on the old sports cars as there is on the CRX, so if anybody knows anything about them, please let me know.
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