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OK! Here we go!

I'm thinking about a car that that has been built in 2 different countries that end in the same letter.
Production started in both places the same year. Production stopped in one of the country's some time ago!

In one of the country's, it was kind of over shadowed by it's sister in glamor.

In one of the country's, it's production stopped at a half year mark.

This kind of car has been in a famous movie with a VERY well known actor!

This car has done world wide rallies, and some road racing. Yet, at the same time; it COULD be a family car.

In one of these country's, it's cousin is described as a scene in outer space!

What is this car?

Bonus for 1st year of production, what 1/2 year production end in 1 place. what movie/actor, what cousin I'm referring to! what 2 country's??
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