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Fully Suspended Tribrid Tadpole

Howdy folks

First off, this is still a "project in progress" yet, I was hoping by posting my madness, some of the fine folks here may contribute their experience & suggestions...

What I'm trying to achieve with this "tribrid" is quiet comfort with a combination of range/efficiency and improved acceleration - both of which are somewhat questionable what with the added weight & mechanical drag. The advantage of experimenting with an electric hub is should the results be less than satisfying I can always just put the hub on another bike - but I'm really hoping it'll not come to that.

Overall this build is mostly for the sheer experimentation, an excuse to tinker w/both a four stroke 49cc Lifan and a 'Magic Pie' 48v 1000w electric drive and a recumbent tadpole configuration. My "best case scenario" is something that uses little fuel for my commute, offering comfort & reliability for the long hauls (daydreamin' of cross country trips & camping adventures ofc) - but really more than anything else, just the fun & education of tryin' ta make all the pieces fit lol;

...and it appears the pics will hafta wait

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