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Originally Posted by sawickm View Post

Are you selling these motor controllers your developing? or are they open source EV projects?

Everything is Open Source -- GPL for the firmware.

I've put most of the CAN related code on

obd2-instruments - Automotive CAN bus implemention including OBD2 reporting and gauge/display drivers - Google Project Hosting
arm-utilities - ARM processor toolchain utilies - Google Project Hosting

I haven't yet called this a release or made our circuit boards available because of a long-running problem that was only recently resolved.

Our drivetrain would make a horrible squeal when under load, such as when going uphill or accelerating. Everything was under suspicion, including oscillations caused by the board layout and the firmware. Only recently was the problem tracked down to the armature winding structure slipping on the shaft(!) under high load. We had been sold a bad motor.

That mechanical problem is now resolved, but it delayed development by months and caused me to rip many features out of the firmware. I'm working on the west coast most of the summer which makes development of the motor controller section more difficult, so I've focused on other aspects.
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