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So what problems are you having with it? it looks like it should be road worthy right now.

My guess tho as to what kind of troubles you have or that you will have, is that your free wheel (ratchet on the rear sprocket) is not holding up and that the Lifan engine has a pile of it's own issues, as they tend to.

My reasoning for bringing up the free wheel issue is that years back when I was working on super mileage vehicles for high school competitions we found that a chain drive from a gas engine to a bicycle free wheel would rip it apart, that it was like putting an impact driver on it, gas engines do not turn at a consistent speed and the pulses in their rotation will make the free wheels only last a few hours at best, the solution for this is the same as what is done on motorcycles, big chunks of rubber or springs that dampen the pulses, on motorcycles you find these dampeners under the rear sprocket in the rear hub, for this project you might even be able to get something like a love-joy coupler to work with a small fly wheel on the dampened side.

A friend of mine who owns a motorcycle shop has talked alot about how much he hates Lifan engines and pretty much any engine made in China, Lifan are a bit better then alot of them but they are still a knock off of a Honda engine only they use lower quality alloy and their quality control is sketchy, replacing worn out parts with Honda parts can help, if you can get them to fit, that is sometimes the case but not always.

Otherwise it looks like an awesome project! nice fabrication skills and it looks like you have a decent shop and are good at improvising on the parts that you don't have.
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