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Thanks, Ryland, for the in-depth maintenance information. My problem is I have never worked on engines and know very little about them. I always have any maintenance on my car professionally done which will make everything more expensive. I do have an idea now of what I'm in for. It seems pretty minor.

Originally Posted by ebacherville View Post
Check your local laws etc.. most scooters over 50cc are considered motorcycles, and under 50cc don't need motorcycle license to drive.. some states have laws about how fast they go etc..

However scooters or small CC motorcycles are great MPG getters, my 250cc motorcycles get 60-75 mpg... many of the small 100cc scooters will pull down over 100mpg.
I'm hoping to ask about law at the dealership. I have tired the Tennessee Department of safety which says motor scooters are not street legal. I have a feeling they are talking about toy motor scooters, but they never actually define them. They also say motorized bicycles under 50cc (the scooters I'm looking at are 49cc) do not require a special license and are street legal. Once again, they never define what a "motorized bicycle" is.
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