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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
No progress on the air dam. RL gets in the way.

3 MPG is impressive.
That number was for the summer (and early fall) of 2009, I lost 1-mpg with the rear spoiler but like the downforce. I lost another 1-mpg with the rubber wheel arch flare lips. I'm only up 1-mpg at this point.

My chin spoiler is 7-1/2" from the ground. I can go over parking stops, which is nice because even I inch up too far once in a while. The plastic lawn strip is 6" high, which will leave me 1/2" to screw to, just enough should I double it and extend downward. At 2" of ground clearance it is similar to 0" of ground clearance from what I've read.

The 2" clear will be similar to my 1977 Porsche Targa 911 with chin spoiler. I've scraped it a few times, but never hit something like a curb stop.

I plan on removing the second chin spoiler on my S-10 for snow. I'm thinking of using butterfly nuts so I can take it off without tools should some idiot back up into me or something.
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