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Originally Posted by rcpmac View Post
Deleting AC is an easy solution where I live (Seattle) but for those in the overheated zones of the US I expect savings would be offset somewhat by increased laundry bills.
Also, I asume you are keeping windows closed. I don't frequent these page and I'm sure this has been covered over and again but isn't AC vs open windows a wash when at hwy speeds?
I live in Houston and still have the AC hooked up and will keep it that way. If it is just me in the car i wont use it and crack the window and 2-3 inches.

Originally Posted by b1ackhawk View Post
50 MPG is quite an accomplishment, but at what price?
50 psi seems very high, must be well above the manufacturers recommendation, this has to affect traction, stopping and handling. What potential risk does this have on both you and other drivers around you?
Advancing the timing and running lean while disabling the knock sensor... This sounds like a recipe for a ruined engine, what's the cost of yet another engine?
my tires are set at 35psi. its what the sidewall says. and i have not touched the timing.
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